NYMFS Flyfishing Society has about 70 members (mainly chaps from the Advertising industry, from whence it was born) and began its life back in 1988, created as a day's 'jolly' to raise money for NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society).  


NYMFS Flyfishing days are very much about having a great time, good fishing, excellent lunch (and perhaps several pints the night before) with a few like-minded mates.

But it's also about raising money for charity (and always has been) and there's no better way to do that than by having fun - at the same time!


No, nothing masonic nor mysterious! Each year we select one of our chaps who we feel has been especially supportive over the years to become our Grand Nobbler (a joke on the naughty fly) and the Nobbler has the honour of selecting the year's charity which in 2016 was for Theo Snelling .


The costs of our fishing days are large;y determined by the costs of the fishery & catering and are more or less 'at cost plus a bit' and much of the money we raise comes from Stan's brilliant Raffles and our occasional Auctions (with some fabulous prizes).

So please buy a ticket...or 2!

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It was 30 years ago, with a single day on the River Test, that NABS Fly Fishing first opened its fly box in the name of fishing, food, fun, friends, Fridays, Fuller’s ales, Fleurie and, of course, charity and, up to last year, we have raised over £77,000! 

Not bad for a bunch of reprobates sneaking a day off.

From that first year on The River Test, we moved to the very pretty Damerham fishery in Hampshire and of you who were there would remember those first, very nervous, Blue Rainbows that had just been introduced, which were showered with flies all day - but to no avail.

In 1990 we moved to Roger Daltrey’s fabulous Lakedown fishery which became our ‘home’ for 10 years (as indeed did the Rose & Crown in nearby Burwash) and saw our busiest times with 3 full days for the heats and up to 70 rods.


The Competitions

From the very first year, a 'competition' existed, with a trophy to boot and a rather special prize of a weekend's fishing for 2 at the Arundel Arms in Devon - and the annual competition has remained ever since (although these days more for fun rather than a prize as sponsorship and donations are less easy to come by thanks to spoilsport accountants and incompetent bankers!).

The competition Final in those early days was very much part of the prize and was held on the beautiful, fast flowing, River Wye at Hereford where we very nearly lost a member when he stumbled in mid-stream, disappeared under the water and amazingly reappeared several yards downstream still holding his rod and still attached to a trout!

Other Finals were held on The Test, The Itchen, Chalk Springs and infamously (if you were there you’d never forget it!) at the extraordinary Shimano Fishery in Swansea, which to do it justice would need a web page all to itself.


Then in 2002 everything changed.

We changed our name to NYMFS, moved the heats to the lovely Duncton Mill and invented The Grand Nobbler, being one of our members, selected by us, who now chooses the annual charity - on your behalf.

We hope you've had many great (and in sometimes, bizarre) memories of NABS and NYMFS fishing over the years and look forward to seeing you, and any new members you can muster for the new season.


2018 IS OUR 31st YEAR!

Yes, it's quite amazing. This all started all those years ago, last year celebrating our 30th year and, just for that year, we supported three different charities chosen by our 3 wives (Mary, Caroline & Sue).

And if you're a recently new member, we hope you enjoyed your days with us in 2018.

If you've never been you'll be made very welcome.